The Need


Last night I was reading through God’s Word, while I walked around Brown’s Island here in downtown Richmond.  The Lord placed the number 444 in front of me.  This number has shown up in the most random places in my life over the past year.  I have been driving down the road, listening to music, and all of a sudden look at my clock in the car and it says 4:44.  I have gone to the store to grab something quick to eat.  I go to the cash register to pay, and how much does it cost? —$4.44.  I have been out for a jog.  When I get back, I look at my tracker, which tells me how far I have gone, and I have literally gone 4.44 miles.   The number seems to be completely and totally random, and since I am not one to grab ahold of numerology, I have simply ignored it. 

Well, last night I was curious.

So I thought to myself, what’s the fourth book of the NT?  The Gospel of John.

What about the fourth chapter and the fourth verse—let’s see what that says: “But He needed to go through Samaria.”  


The 4thchapter of the Gospel of John is the story of the woman at the well.  I have read the story at least 50 times, and each time I do, I always pick up on something different.  There are so many applicable biblical principles that we can utilize as we grow closer to the Lord each day:


  • It shows us the need to address sin in our own lives.
  • It helps us to recognize that we can’t hide sin from God because He knows everything.
  • It reminds us that no matter where we are in our faith walk with the Lord, we should always be willing to share with others.
  • It reminds us that we don’t need to be ashamed of our past, because God can use us.
  • It even shows us that God can do miracles my changing the hearts and lives of so many in that city that day.


With all of that insight, and all of those great biblical points being made, I never once paid attention to the depth of what we see in v.4—“But He needed to go through Samaria”

The word that really stuck out for me last night was the word NEEDED!

I really had to sit and think about that word.  Did Jesus really Need to go through Samaria? Does He really NEED anything?  I couldn’t shake it from my mind.  When I think of needs, I think of air, food, a bed, friendships, etc.  I don’t think of traveling plans.  To me that comes across as a want—like I really want to go to the beach. It’s not that I need to, but I would really like to. 


We also have to look at the history of the people engaged here.  We know Jews and Samaritans were not fond of each other. In fact they really despised each other. And yet Jesus NEEDED to go through there. I walked…, thought…, prayed …  not really sure what that meaning might be. And then, just like the sound of a heavy weight slamming to the ground, it made sense.


I realized that the need wasn’t Jesus’ need.  It was the need of the woman at the well.  It’s the need of each of us.  We are in desperate NEED of Jesus each day, but we often times don’t even recognize it.  So what does He do?  He comes to us, in the midst of our need, knowing that we never would have come to Him in or own strength, so that we see His love and grace.  He needed to go through an area that despised Him so that the truth of Him might be presented to the woman at the well.  


As we continue reading, we see how the story turns out. This woman goes back to town, and tells everyone about Jesus.  The town comes out to see who she is talking about, and many surrender to Christ that day.  


Friends whatever you are going through trust the process.  Trust the plan. And remember that God can use you… God wants to use you… He needs to use you where you are right now so that He is proclaimed. Don’t be afraid. Walk in confidence, not in your ability, but in the power of the Holy Spirit who lives inside you. I am praying for you, and cheering you on!  You are not alone!


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  1. Patsy Saville says:

    Wonderful message, you talked about the woman at the well before and I remember her. I wll surely remember her now. Thank you for all your messages. I liked the one Prayer. I like them all. I missed a lot not being a member of Berea Church. Glad I finally caught on. I wil be a member when I can get out. Thank you,

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