So It Begins!

SO IT BEGINS! We are here! You have battled for far too long and wonder if you will survive the fight. The weight of fear lingers, and you are seeking a glimmer of hope! Restoration is longed for! You may doubt it is possible! You may fear that you will never see it! You may feel that all is lost and life will continue down a path of confusion, doubt and despair! You stare at the challenges in front of you, and you have no idea how you will make it through them. Rest assured my friend, there is hope! Rest assured that these are the circumstances that God does not shy away from, because these are the times where we look to Him, and Him alone for Restoration! Let us walk boldly into the battle—“So it Begins!”
The purpose of these posts is to help us recognize how God is working in and through our lives!  We are in this battle together!  You are not alone!  Let us embrace each day as an opportunity to experience Him in an entirely fresh and new way!  Know that you are being prayed for!  

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