One of the greatest opportunities that we have is to develop relationships with people around us.  Some of them we know, some of them we don’t know.  Each person is in your life because God has designed it that way.  
Here at Berea, we are consistently seeking ways that we can live life together!  Our Small Group Ministry gives us that opportunity. 
3-D Dinner Discipleship Groups
A small group of around 8 meet for a meal, fellowship and scripture reading/discussion 4 times within a 3 month period.
Meetings will occur in the home of the host for the meal.
The host will provide the entrée and guests will bring a dish so that bread, a vegetable or salad, and a desert are included. Scripture with brief lesson notes and discussion questions will be provided. Hosts can volunteer for all 4 meetings or the group can share hosting responsibilities. (If you are unable for any reason to host yourself, please still participate. Groups will be created to accommodate those who are unable to host in their home.)
Anyone who is interested in learning more about Jesus and how to be a disciple— that is, how to allow a relationship with Jesus to bring about changes in how you live your life and how you share Jesus with others. If you know someone outside of our congregation who would be interested, please invite them to participate.
This is where 3-D comes into play. The purpose of reading and discussing scripture as a small group is to:
• Discover— Discover the good news of Jesus Christ as you read the scripture.
• Develop- Develop skills as disciples. Each meeting one of the questions will be “After reading and discussing this scripture, what changes might you make in how you live your life?”
• Do— The popular Nike ad says “Just do it!” Put into practice the changes that you identify as you are developing as a disciple.
At your next meeting you can discuss how implementing those changes went. In this way we can encourage each other. None of us are perfect— Doctors practice medicine, lawyers practice law— Christians should practice following the way of Christ knowing that his love and mercy will cover us when we stumble along the way.
Specific meeting dates/times will be determined by the group. 
What Next?

After three months have passed, groups will be reshuffled and a new 3 month 3-D Dinner period will begin.

Sign Up Sheet is in The Gathering. 

If you have any questions, or would like to be a part of this ministry, contact us!