Today, we are looking at the word INTIMIDATION. When I think of that word, immediately I am taken back to a 1994 movie called “Little Giants”. In this movie we have two brothers who grew up in a small town. One was a football superstar, the other, obviously wasn’t. As these two men grow older then end up coaching opposing little league football teams. The superstar brother has a team (Cowboys) that is loaded with talent. They are faster, bigger, stronger, and have more knowledge about football as a whole. The other team (Giants), well not so much. They are smaller, slower, not as a strong, and don’t quite have the football knowledge that might be necessary to have a successful team.
As their game against each other begins, the Cowboys are doing what everyone anticipated they would—take a large lead against the Giants. The first half belong to the Cowboys. However, the second half would be a different story. As the team comes together during halftime, they plan, and work together to strategy to defeat the cowboys. One of those plans involves the idea of INTIMIDATION. All I can remember seeing is the smallest boy on the field, who happened to have the deepest voice say that word over and over again haha. Anyway, the Giants actually overcome the Cowboys and win the game, but I was brought back to that word, Intimidation.
What does it mean? Literally, it means “ the act of making someone timid or fearful”
The devil loves to use this tactic in our lives. He loves to manipulate our thoughts and emotions as a way to intimidate us, because he knows that intimidation can lead to isolation and fear. Chuck Swindoll defined our actions perfectly when he discussed what happens to us when we are intimidated by the devil: “we get tongue-tied. Our thoughts get confused. We forget how to pray. We focus on the odds against us. We forget whom we represent, and we stand there with our knees knocking.”
Today, let us not be intimidated by all that is going on around us. Let us walk with courage each day knowing that God is working and has a tremendous plan. Let us remember that the power of the Living God is on the inside of us. That is the very same power that rose Jesus from the dead, healed the blind, cured the leper, and birthed the church nearly 2000 years ago. Now, we aren’t to be careless and arrogant. We are to be obedient and trusting, knowing that God wants to use us for His purposes, not the other way around.
One of my favorite verses is Joshua 1:9, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Notice that God begins this section with a question—haven’t I commanded you? Basically He is saying: “Josh, you need to remember what I told you already. I have pointed out that you need to be strong and courageous—so go and be strong and courageous.” He didn’t say be careless and absent minded. He said be strong and courageous. That means, in the face of adversity or hardship, remember who God is. Remember what He is capable of. And trust that He is working out His perfect will!
Today, sit in God’s presence for just a few minutes . Don’t do anything else but stop and remember who God is. The ever present, creator of all. Embrace His love and strength.
Then, thank Him for what He has does in your life, and He has been working. Don’t forget that He has brought you along each day, even though things may have been difficult! Give praise to Him for He is most definitely good.
Finally, ask Him to show you where you need courage. Let Him open your eyes to His truth and strength, so that you can walk boldly!
Know that I love you and am praying for you! God is guiding you! Trust Him!
Question: Where do you need the boldness of the Spirit of God in your life?

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