Give a Hand, Not a Suggestion

Give a hand, not a suggestion!
This phrase slapped me right in the face this morning as hard as the cold wind coming off the river. There is no doubt we live in a pretty hostile age.
Everyone seems to be so negative to everyone else. It seems as if we can’t make a decision throughout our day that doesn’t get criticized or critiqued by someone else. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I need a gentle reminder from a friend or a nudge by someone I trust to move me in the right direction. But so often it never happens that way!
On the flip side of that, we don’t have an issue at all in telling people how they have messed up! We are quick to give an action plan for recovery and improvement, without even taking the time to listen to why a person made a decision.
My point in all that is to say that we are all going to mess up. We are all going to make poor decisions. We are all going to do things that we wished we would could change. So let’s start extending a hand of grace and mercy and stop giving out complaints cards or suggestion emails.
Matthew 5:7 says, “blessed are those who are merciful, for they shall be shown mercy”. The next time you find yourself heading into negative town, pause for a moment and remember that the person you are talking to, no matter what job or position they might have, could be hanging on by a thread. Show kindness and mercy. I promise you it will change everything!

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