Berea Baptist Church is taking this pandemic very seriously and creating proactive measures during this unprecedented time to ensure the church produces a safe, touchless environment for all persons.
Berea offers worship service in various ways to suit your comfort level. The 8:30am service in a Drive-In service; meaning you drive into the parking lot, sit in your car, and listen to the service. The 11am is a live, in person service held in the Sanctuary (Masks required) or Family Life Center via T.V. (For those who cannot wear a mask). Also, you can watch the services live via Facebook or YouTube, or watch them later if you can’t join at the service times.
Sunday School is offered in various ways as well. Some classes are in person, some are through Zoom meeting, and some are a hybrid of both platforms.
To date, Berea has implemented these action items for your safety while in the church buildings:
· Mask required for entry to the building and sanctuary
· Hand Sanitation Stations throughout the church
· Fogging Machine utilized to disinfect and sanitize the areas after each use (Sanctuary, seating, hallways, classrooms)
· Floor Decals with 6 feet apart reminders are applied
· Establishment of one-way walk areas in the sanctuary
· Creating a Touchless Service by keeping doors open & limiting seat availability
· Providing Bulletins and lyrics via email and on-screen only
· Removing hospitality and consumables in the communal areas
· Chairs, door handles, counters, switches, etc. are wiped down after each service
· Staff wipe microphones, equipment, and shared resources for cleanliness
· For those who cannot wear a mask, there is a designated area in the Family Life Center with tables, chairs, and a TV so that you can feel included.
1. What happens if someone from the congregation tests positive or has been exposed to a positive COVID person?
First, out of an abundance of care and caution and following CDC guidelines, Berea will notify those that potentially have been exposed and were in direct contact with this person. Second, Berea will notify the congregation that a person has resulted in a positive COVID test. (Please know that absolutely no details of the person or role at the church will be provided to anyone as this is protected information) Finally, the CDC or local Health Department will be alerted for any specific instructions and assist in determining if the congregation is at risk; which could include a recommendation of a 14-day self-quarantine. As a reminder, usually one would need to be in close contact with the sick person to become infected. Close contact would include living in the same household, being within 6 feet for about 10 minutes, direct secretion from the sick person, or caring for a sick person. See CDC guidelines for more information.
2. What happens if the pastor or a staff member tests positive?
Basically, the same information applies as above. The church will notify the church and then reach out the local health department for a risk assessment. All staff within reason will receive testing and any quarantine recommendations, generous time off, and additional testing will be applied.
3. Can we still have Holy Communion?
At this time, communion is presented by Berea to the congregation by way of individually wrapped wafer and wine. This allows the participation of communion without the communal factor. Please feel free to refrain if you feel that is the best option for you.
4. Can Weddings and Funerals still take place?
The bride and groom should be conscious about the pandemic guidelines as promoted by the CDC and take into consideration the size, audience, and space of their wedding. Live-streaming the wedding is a popular platform.
For a funeral, the family should discuss with the pastor about the size, location, and gathering of the service. The CDC guidelines or local health department can assist in determine the risk for a memorial service larger than the immediate family. The National Funeral Directors Association suggests that live-streaming be a positive platform for larger gatherings.
5. Is the nursery and Children’s church open?
Berea is working to ensure the safety of the children by watching the local public school system and following their direction. At the moment, the nursery and children’s church is on standby until the public schools are returned to normal.
6. Recognizing Facts and Truth.
What are the actual statistics of COVID-19?
7. What if I am stressed from COVID-19?
COVID-19 has escalated stress in many people. There are many things to remember as one works through the emotions relating to the pandemic. Berea looks to God in this time for guidance and walks in Faith. We are happy to talk to anyone about their faith, provide a lay person to talk to, or a resource to assist in finding a professional counselor to speak with. Check with your employer as they may have an Employee Assistance Program with additional assistance.
Coping with Stress:

8. Recognizing the facts and Truth.

a. The Cares Act working for all Americans