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There is no doubt that God has been up to something truly amazing here on the corner of Ashland Road and Pouncey Tract.  This year we have seen lives transformed, relationships deepened, and ministries started.  I am truly thankful for each of you and your desire to draw closer to Jesus, and to make sure that He is at the center of all that we do!  There is a beautiful sense of unity as we focus on Jesus alone!  

As we come to the end of this year, many people have asked how they can continue to assist in ministries here at Berea.  In response to that question, we have put together a Christmas List of tools and ideas that we are looking to utilize in the various ministries and the school here at Berea in the weeks and months to come.  We would love for you to come alongside us and partner with us in prayer as we continue to share the Gospel and make sure that the truth of Christ is shared with the world around us!  If you are interested in supporting those ministries, we would be truly thankful as well!   

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2023—we are stepping into a tremendous season and opportunity. It is truly possible that years ago when this church began, it was for “Such a Time as This”, where we can continue to be a light in the midst of a dark world, just as the church has been for the last 176 years through the faithful and selfless love and compassion of so many who have come before us! 

Know that I love you and am constantly praying for you!  Let’s step into this year with a spirit of prayer and expectation as we see what God will do! 

God Bless You!

Ministry Christmas Lists
Youth Ministry
Music Ministry
Sanctuary Choir Robes (40) $5,715.73
Malmark Handbells (4th and upper 5th octaves) $8,530.25
5’, 9” grand piano for the Music Room– the price ranges are from15,000. to $30,000.
New LED lighting for the Music Room–Cost to be determined
A Lectern matching the Pulpit furniture to be used in the Sanctuary Vestibule or rear hallway for registries for weddings and funerals. This could also be used on the floor level in the sanctuary for Wednesday night Bible Study or any other small meeting in that space.  $3,400 In Oak or $3,900 in Walnut
Media Ministry
New camera package that will provide a much improved image and a better worship experience for those watching online. Estimated cost is $35,000 (includes 3 remote control camera, camera remote controls and switching systems). 
Lighting upgrades for Sanctuary that will provide proper coverage of the stage. This is an enhancement that will improve the overall worship experience. Estimates are $25,000 (includes lights and lighting control systems). 
Built in closed circuit monitoring in the FLC. The addition of permanent large screen TV displays and the distribution systems to make viewing for overflow an easy and reliable setup. Estimated costs are $5,000.
Wireless microphone package – upgraded and enhanced microphones, both hand held and wearable microphones in a new completely integrated system providing better clarity, less interference, and more reliable operation. Estimates are approximately $9,000 (note – delivery can be as much as a year).
Children’s Ministry
10th Generation iPad – this would be used to play video content for Lifeway Children’s Lessons.  It would also be used in conjunction with our Promethean Boards so teachers could use the iPad as a driver for the board to project the content being displayed to children.
New/updated Playground Equipment – school aged appropriate equipment to reflect our ever-growing children’s ministry.  This equipment would ideally accommodate a large group of children and provide several activities for a variety of ages.
Faith Community Academy Cooperative (FCAC) (Grades 1-4)
Faith Community Academy (FCA) (PreK – Kindergarten)