TRUTH SEEKERS  Learn and grow as we study the scripture and find support and encouragement with others. This class is targeted for those in the parenting stage of life but all are welcome. Come and strengthen your walk! This class meets across the parking lot in the church office. We are class led.  E202 
JOYFUL BELIEVERS  Our class welcomes men and women of all ages. We are a small group looking to grow. We use the books of the Bible for our lessons, alternating between the Old and New Testaments. Our goal is to read and discuss the entire bible.  E203/205
ACTS 17:11  Acts 17:11 Sunday School class consist of Men and Women of all ages. Our studies solely revolve around Bible scripture and developing a deeper dive into each verse. We coordinate our study with Pastor John in order to stay focused on upcoming or recent sermons. Our goal is to develop a deeper understanding of scripture and a closer relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. Acts 17:11 “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true”  E204/206 
FELLOWSHIP CLASS  The Fellowship Class was started by our Church Missionary, Dr. Lloyd Rodgers, in 2007 while he was teaching at the Baptist International Learning Center. From small beginnings, the class has grown to a normal Sunday attendance of 28-30 including both singles and couples and Zoom participants. The class is strongly Bible oriented and at times study varies books of the Bible. The class encourages in-week study, prayer, and entertains a lively discussion in class on Sunday Mornings.  E207/209
Looking for a place to explore God’s word and connect with other young adults? Join us on Sundays at 10:00 am in room 209. Beginning in January, we will dive into the book of Acts and explore the church born among Jesus’ disciples. In just a few years, this grew into a world wide force. We will be encouraged to apply God’s Word to our life as we learn how to fulfill God’s mission in challenging times.  E208
HIGH SCHOOL CLASS  Grades 9-12 E212
THE WALK  The Walk class meets in the FLC in the right corner. Our goal is to learn and grow in our Walk with Jesus by studying the scripture and finding support and encouragement from others. This class is targeted at those in the parenting stage of life, but all are welcome!  FLC
FAITHRIDERS  Our class welcomes men and women of all ages. We are a small group looking to grow. We use the books of the Bible for our lessons, alternating between the Old and New Testaments. Our goal is to read and discuss the entire bible. PARLOR
LADIES ONE  If you are looking for a Sunday school class to visit and hopefully join, please consider the “Ladies One” class which meets at 9:45 in the Family Life Center. There are two classrooms located behind an accordion “wall” and ours is the one on the left. It’s easy to find. We base our studies on the Formations study guide, but try to add a bit of in-depth study for a deeper learning experience. We share prayer requests and praises and are a fun, close-knit group who would love to welcome any older lady who is looking for fellowship and study. Age really doesn’t matter at all.  FLC
LOYAL SOLDIERS  Men’s Bible Study Class. Located in the Family Life Center.  FLC
NURSERY  KidCheck Required.  E101
PRE-K & K  KidCheck Required.  E102
GRADES 1-3  KidCheck RequiredE103
GRADES 4-5  KidCheck Required.  E104/105
At Berea Baptist Church, nothing is more important to us than the safety and security of your children. That’s why we’ve chosen KidCheck for our child check in system. What is KidCheck?
Signing up before arrival will speed up the check in process.  You may also download the KidCheck app on your mobile device for express check in.  
Set up your KidCheck account here:go.kidcheck.comselect “Create Your KidCheck Account”  You may also download the KidCheck mobile app for Express Check-In
  • The Family Life Center [FLC] is the building on the right as you enter from the parking lot.
  • All “E” rooms and the Parlor are in the main sanctuary building [on the left as you enter from the parking lot]. To find rooms in the 200s, turn left as your enter the building and go up the stairs or elevator. Then go down the hallway, through the choir room, and down another short hall to find these classes.
  • The Parlor is a room off the Gathering [the social area on the first floor]. To find the classrooms in the 100s, walk through the Gathering and past the Parlor into a hall where you will find rooms in the 100s [including the nursery area]
  • CLASS: Acts 17:11 
TIME: 9.45AM – 10.45AM
LEADER: Junie West 
Class held by phone only.
Call or text Junie for the phone meeting information.
Junie (804) 334-9257
  • CLASS: Fellowship Class
TIME: 9.45AM – 10.45AM
LEADER: Walter Hoye
Zoom Link: Click Here
Meeting ID: 946 6349 2774 
Passcode: 540270
  • CLASS: Joyful Believers
TIME: 9.45AM – 10.45AM
LEADER: Bruce Nichols
Zoom Link: Click Here
Meeting ID: 663 887 770
Passcode: 087642